How DID You Get Those Nathan Fillion Pics, Anyway?

If you’ve been coming by periodically to see how things are going, you’d see that I’ve added several more photos to the site, along with some description of what they are about and in some cases, giving dates.

Nathan Fillion
More Nathan Fillion
Fillion and Katic

I used to live in downtown Los Angeles, which is how I got the photos of the filming of the CASTLE episode “Last Call”.

My daughter called me at about 7am one morning to tell me to hurry my fat ass downstairs with my camera and lenses, but didn’t tell me WHY.

Imagine my delighted surprise at discovering one of my entertainment crushes standing right outside the front door. I didn’t even have to leave the comfort of the building to get pictures.

So that’s what I did. I sat there and took a HUGE number of photos.

Now not all of those photos are suitable for sharing and my policy is that unless it is absolutely necessary, I won’t post potentially embarrassing stuff. I’m unlike a paparazzo that way, who find the ugliest shit they can find in order to make a fast buck.

Anyhow, Mr Fillion, if you happen by and would like to have any of these, please email me at [email protected] with whatever contact information is appropriate and I’ll send you the digital files.


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