Visiting My Childhood Home

Golden Chain Tree
(No the little house is NOT my childhood home. Smartasses.)

Several years ago, I was in the general vicinity of the first home in which I ever lived and decided to take a chance and rang the bell there, hoping to have the opportunity to meet the folks who now lived there.

As luck had it, the lady of the house was home! I was thrilled and introduced myself. She looked a bit shocked at my temerity, but I reassured her that I was only interested in taking photographs of the yard.

Well, specifically of the Golden Chain Tree that is the largest feature of the property. My Mom had requested that my Dad get it and plant it there in 1962. Nearly 50 years later, the tree was enormous and due to the skill of a tree surgeon, it was being cherished and taken care of.

That care involved supporting cables to keep it from potentially shattering, but it was obvious the new owners cared about that tree at least as much as my family had.

Anyhow, with only a little gentle begging on my part, the gracious lady allowed me to take pictures. I only stayed as long as was absolutely necessary to get a series of shots, and I went away feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

The new owners had added a little playhouse to the area for their kids, and I think it was a perfect addition to it all.

Thank you, dear lady, for allowing me to invade your private space that day. I will always remember you warmly.

A closeup of one of the Golden Chain Tree’s boughs. I love seeing the new branches making their foray into the world, bringing more greenery and visible signs of life to the greater tree.


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